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e-Course: Building Health - Heal the Gut

Dr. Melina Roberts delivers a powerful course on how to use foods to build your health, activate healing and signific...

$59.00 CAD

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e-Course: A Systematic Detox Program

Dr. Melina Roberts is an author, a speaker, Naturopathic Doctor whose been in clinic practice for 14 years, and the f...

$87.00 CAD

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e-Course: Balance the Thyroid

This e-Course will teach you how to balance the thyroid and regain your health by addressing root causes of thyroid d...

$99.00 CAD

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e-Course: Building a Healthy Child Course

Learn the Building a Healthy Child Program directly from Dr. Melina Roberts. Gain a deeper understanding of the Build...

$29.00 CAD

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Building a Healthy Child book

Food Introduction Nutritional Program-A Parent’s Guide to Foundational Childhood Nutrition for Lifelong Health ...

$16.95 CAD

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Laminated Food Introduction Chart

This is a Food Introduction Chart from Dr. Roberts' Building a Healthy Child book. It is laminated, sturdy and design...

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