Building a Healthy Child book

Food Introduction Nutritional Program-A Parent’s Guide to Foundational Childhood Nutrition for Lifelong Health

Dr. Melina Roberts is a Naturopathic Doctor, Author of Building a Healthy Child and Clinic Director and Founder of Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre.

Have you ever wondered if you could prevent allergies or other childhood illnesses in your child? Have you ever wondering if it was possible to build long-term health in your child, so they could avoid chronic disease as adults?

Well, Dr. Roberts wondered those same things.

When she was a kid she had bad allergies and wondered if it was possible to avoid all that for her child. As a parent, we want to do everything in our power to take good care of our children.

So Dr. Roberts started researching and discovered three major concepts that would influence food introduction that was completely different than all the other ones on the market. No one else had put this all together to create a plan that will prevent childhood illnesses and build long-term health.

Dr. Roberts has developed a revolutionary food introduction program that:

  • Supports proper growth and development
  • Prevents childhood illnesses
  • Build long-term health

The standard food introduction programs recommend introducing cereals as a first food and though this may seem like an easy first food to digest, it can actually cause initiate a cycle of health problems.
This program is different than any other program out there because it takes into consideration 3 major concepts which are ignored in all other standard food introduction programs. These 3 major concepts are:

  • Organs and body systems mature at different times, which means nutrition needs are different at varying ages
  • Building a healthy, diverse micro biome in the digestive tract
  • We are hardwired to digest real, nutrient dense, in their natural form foods, not process, chemically-laden, altered food

This book includes:

  • Benefits of Breastfeeding
  • Six Problem Foods
  • Detailed Food Introduction Program of solid foods to infants and toddlers
  • Guide to Prevent Allergies
  • Supplements and Remedies
  • Understand Toxins and How to Avoid Them
  • Recipes for each Stage of Development


  • Preconception Preparation
  • What to eat and supplements to take in Pregnancy
  • Things to think about in terms of vaccinations

This is your opportunity to empower yourself with knowledge and give your child the health advantage in life. 


Building a Healthy Child

Food Introduction Nutritional Program -- A Parent's Guide to Foundational Childhood Nutrition for Lifelong Health.

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